The Truth

This is my first blog post in English so just to let you know that this text may be contain some errors.

But you can correct me in the comments below.


There is a book that I was reading yesterday with my kids and talks about the Truth , it is about a little girl that is so upset because she is going to have a baby brother and when the baby arrived , she doesn’t like him ( she thinks that his baby brother is going to destroy all that she have) she tries so hard not to love him , and at the end of the Book she ends up loving him so much because she realizes that he is not as bad as she thought.

And I was thinking that so many times adults do the same thing, we try so hard not to love someone that hurts us or that unintentionally broke our hearts, or just because we have in our minds a bad idea of that person .

And it happens all the time before we meet someone we always make ideas of what is going to be , we look at the clothing that that person is wearing, we make a an exhaustive search to find out who that person is, we even sometimes let other tell us about that person.

Sometimes people that we didn’t like end up being our best friends or even good ones.

When I was in school I remember that there was a girl that I didn’t like , she was the topical conceited , snotty girl, she was the girl that show off all the time, and I didn’t like that so I make my mind to never talk to her, (I was in 5 grade at that time) but one day I remember we have to do a school project and she was going to be in my team ( cause the teacher make the teams) and as well one of my best friends , so we decided to do that protect at her house and at the end of that week I find out she was different, she was so nice , it changed my perspective of the things.

The Truth is that we like humans sometimes we tend to put barriers around us , we just want the people that are like us around us.

that’s fine but sometimes we lose the opportunity to meet people with a good heart.

That it , this was just a little thought in my mind.



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